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Raise more money with usable fundraising insights

We analyze your data to give you easy to use donor insights & predictions to raise more money for your fundraising campaigns. 

Find out who is likely to give this year 

Focus on donors most likley to give to your campaign by getting predictions on donation probabilities.

Nurture donors who are likely to give in future campaigns.

We give you easy to understand visualized insights based on your donor data.

And we do it all for you. 

Share Donor Insights with your team

Get easy to use insights and predictions to share with your fundraising team to help them exceed campaign goals.

Increase Donor Engagement

Gather more feedback to assess, improve, and empower your fundraising campaigns with brief yet impactful donor surveys. Get insights for this year and beyond.

raise more money

Our Fundraising Focus

Get insights from your donors to grow your fundraising.

We will show you what is working with your campaigns, what isn't and who you can focus for future campaigns.

We help you identify you is most likely to be a major donor and what could be the most effective way to engage with them.

No more guessing. Optimize your fundraising campaigns and donor engagement with strategies guided by data.

We help you set up and run social media advertising campaigns to boost your reach to potential donors, at the right time.

Set conversion goals and measure conversions. Get all the key metrics you need to optimise your campaigns.

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Turn text into insights

Unstructured survey comments are evaluated with layers of detail that isolate sentiments, keywords, entities, categorical tags, and more.

ZenSight is sophisticated enough to break down the mixed emotions that are most important for your organization.

Isolate hidden trends and see the deeper meaning behind every comment. The top mentioned entities are also prioritized automatically, so you can see what’s trending and recognize important references in order to adapt and adjust even faster.

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