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Easily collect & use
the data you need  

Collect and understand the data you need.
Quicly learn from every customer and employee feedback,
without wrangling your data.

Use feedback to decide what you should do

Focus on what you should do, based on the feedback you get with easy to understand visualized insights. And we do it all for you. 

Improve Client Satisfaction

Measure satisfaction and boost loyalty with customer satisfaction surveys.  CES, CSAT, and Net Promoter Score(NPS) surveys encourage your customers to share feedback and make a more personal connection.

Increase Employee Engagement

Gather more feedback to assess, improve, and empower your workplace with employee surveys. Get insights for onboarding and beyond.

Better Understand your Market

Unlock insights about pricing, product ideas, trends, brand resonance, and more. Market research surveys inform smarter business decisions.

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Turn text into insights

Unstructured survey comments are evaluated with layers of detail that isolate sentiments, keywords, entities, categorical tags, and more.

ZenSight is sophisticated enough to break down the mixed emotions that are most important for your organization.

Isolate hidden trends and see the deeper meaning behind every comment. The top mentioned entities are also prioritized automatically, so you can see what’s trending and recognize important references in order to adapt and adjust even faster.